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Vocaloid Christmas Cards

Vocaloid Christmas Card, Miku Vocaloid Christmas Card, Ren and Rin

I returned to work this week to find some of my students made me Christmas cards. I received a particularly awesome Vocaloid card that reminded me about how cool it is to be comfortable and honest about your hobbies. And as an added bonus, my students are more interested in English by being able to associate their studies with something they enjoy, which I know from first-hand experience is a terrific motivator. I guess the point I’m long-windedly trying to make is that this nice little surprise made my day.


One response to “Vocaloid Christmas Cards

  1. TWWK January 9, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    That’s awesome. Very cool.

    Some of my most treasured items are little notes and doodles that my students made for me. There’s certainly something very special about such gifts.

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