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Anime of the Year 2012 (6 to 12)

Fellow Aniblogger Justin at Anti-Social Geniuses has brought to my attention my need to network better with other bloggers.  He participated in a Bloggers’ Choice Best Anime of 2012 collaborative rating project done by another blogger, Kiddtic, and while it’s too late for me to enter according to his rules, I’ve still decided to expand my anime of the year list out to twelve titles for two reasons. The first being that it seems most other people have lists longer than a top five and so I’ve given in to peer pressure and I’m following suit.  The second reason is because reading some other anime of the year lists has reminded me just how important my existence in the AniBlogger community is, since I find myself agreeing with only one or two of the ten or so anime that most people seemed to have picked as their favorites for 2012.

Being that one of my missions here is to represent my own taste in anime when nobody else seems to be challenging the majority, I feel compelled to shine my own—admittedly small—spotlight on the series I feel deserved more credit than most Anibloggers were willing to give.  And so begins the bottom seven of my top twelve anime of 2012.

Misaki knows more than she lets on.12. Another

Most horror series don’t interest me in the slightest.  So when this well-written title actually gave me chills and tingled my spine, I can’t possibly fail to give my honors to an anime that I found to be genuinely scary. This one takes the title of Horror Anime of the Year.


Shana prepares her attack, looking every bit the beatiful fire angel11. Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

To say the last installment of the story about the flame-haired, burning-eyed hunter saved the franchise would be an overstatement. But it was definitely a sharp wrap-up to a truly rolling epic.


Ichika is straightforward and honest...most of the time.10. Ano Natsu de Matteru

I always have a soft spot for “summer adventure” stories and this one was really fun; filled with strong, kindhearted friends, humorous trouble-making, a difficult romance to sort out and…aliens. It’s the best Romance Anime of the Year.


Yuuko remains cheerful, despite not knowing her own past.9. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

The literal “ghost president” of the occult club proved to be a playful, creative, ironic and perceptive look at people’s beliefs and reactions towards unexplained phenomenon.


Sakamoto returns in time to be a hero8. BTOOOM!

There have been survival game / battle royal anime a plenty over the past few years, but most have lacked this anime’s emotional psychology that really gets into the mind of people pushed to the edge.


Sweats Club spirit!7. Rinne no Lagrange

With a really strong story focused on the topsy-turvy, but bright friendship of the three leading ladies, colorful side characters and some well-paced battles, I pronounce this to be the Mecha Anime of the Year.


The Fire Sisters, Karen and Tsukihi6. Nisemonogatari

Nishio Ishin is a master at creating weirdly funny, twistedly creative and insightful adventures that really challenge us to look at the world in new ways.



This list continues with my top five here.


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