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Amnesia Ep. 1

Getting back to work helps the heroine rememberInitial impression – a hazy start

Winter 2013 (12 episodes) (more info)

With a completely uncomplicated title, there’s no guesswork as to what this series is about.  Our heroine has amnesia—so bad in fact that through the conclusion of the first episode we still don’t even know her name.  While it appears to be 100% committed to its theme, Amnesia is suffering the problem that comes with the territory of a lot of first episodes, and that is its slow start.  I can’t stress this enough…if I can’t tell what an anime is going to be about after the first twenty minutes, it’s going to have a hard time catching my attention.

The heroine attempts to piece together clues of her lifeThat being said, the setting is showing promise as the heroine’s busy job in a maid café allows plenty of opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of the cast as we discover through her eyes the personalities of the butlers who are her coworkers.  And for what appears superficially to be a pretty-boy anime, I’m not turned off by its character designs.  I’m even willing to give a respectful nod to everyone’s multicolored irises that give the visual style an air of distinction.  The premise may be an overly simple setup to make things mysterious, but I’m willing to allow Amnesia at least one more chance to impress me before I give up on it.


One response to “Amnesia Ep. 1

  1. TWWK January 14, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Yeah, I have a similar feeling about the series. I have a feeling I’ll eventually drop it, but it’s one of only six series this season (along with Chihayafuru, Shinsekai Yori, Little Busters, Minami-ke, and OreShura) that I’m still watching after the first episode.

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