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Winter 2013 Ongoing Anime

Normally, every season I find myself continuing to watch at least one or two long 24-26 episode series that has carried over from the previous season.  However, winter 2013 has an impressive six anime that are on my watch list spanning a run time longer than three months.  In no particular order, I’m going to list them here and talk about why they remain on my list of ongoing anime for the current season.

Akane Tsunemori in the new openingPyscho-Pass

A cyberpunk action/thriller that analyzes the constituent formula that makes up morality.  Smart characters with strong motives, centered around the activities of a police force tasked with handling crimes that lean towards chillingly macabre in a dystopian society that strives to be a utopia.

Mashiro wants to learn how to cookSakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

A houseful of determined, but wildly quirky friends and colleagues working out the issues of what to do with their futures and how to deal with their feelings for one another.


Mahiro reflectsZetsuen no Tempest

Fast-paced action, shrewd characters and a dichotomy of fate vs free will all supported by a well-developed setting that is eloquent and takes itself seriously, but isn’t afraid to sneak in a few jokes.


Saki stands up for her friendsShinsekai Yori

A world whose order is balanced on the edge of a knife; supported by a secret code to ensure the safety of mankind that is peeling away its layers to reveal that morality comes secondary to the will to survive.  I’m so glad I stuck with this series, because it’s finally finding its creative strength and putting its imaginative setting to good use.

The Little Busters team walks towards the sunriseLittle Busters

With a large cast of wonderful friends enjoying their youth and helping each other overcome the scars of their pasts, this anime can be thought of as a sort of Angel Beats lite.  Key is easily one of the greatest anime companies of all time.  Why wouldn’t I be watching this?

At the beach, the girls find a fun new use for a tankGirls und Panzer

A really silly, but still interesting take on bending our expectations about tanks and femininity (while this could have been a one-season anime at only 12 episodes if the history lessons had been saved for the blu-rays, I’m including it on this list because technically it’s going to be finishing in 2013).


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