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Anime of the Week – Psycho-Pass
Akane and Kogami recover in the hospital Many people have trouble accepting that the unique “you” that lies within each and every one of us is nothing more than electrical interactions in the brain. Even so, life is far more valuable than the sum of the chemicals that make up our bodies.                              
February 10 Shinsekai Ep. 18 “Just what is war? Why does it happen? Why does it seem to go on forever without end?” “That’s a very difficult question.”
Kotoura Ep. 5 Now that her life is becoming happier, I hope Kotoura’s mind-reading ability isn’t wasted on a ho-hum, school romance comedy.
Zetsuen Ep. 17 Hakaze’s conflicted feelings for Yoshino has created a hilarious catch-22 damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.
Mondaiji Ep. 5 The abilities of overpowered characters only remain interesting if the regulars still feel as though they have a chance.
GJ-bu Ep. 5 The way the girls are so passive-aggressive without being outright tsundere makes this one of the more interesting harem anime.
Vividred Ep. 5 I’m not sure if I like my magic girl villains to be outright evil like Nanoha’s Precia or backed into a corner like Fate.
Tomodachi NEXT Ep. 5 C’mon…just when I thought things were getting interesting they brought out that joke about dating games as art AGAIN!
Shinsekai Ep. 19 Mutually Assured Destruction only works as a nuclear deterrent if both sides stand to loose a lot by using their weapons.
February 11 Little Busters Ep. 18 The best friends won’t tell you WHAT you should do, but HOW to find your goal and will always support your decision.
OreShura Ep. 6 There’s a courageous story about awkward romance somewhere in this anime, but it’s being squelched by incomprehensible BS.
February 13 Minami-ke 4 Ep. 6 This series does marvelous things with its swimsuit episodes—it tells a fun story instead of doling out fanservice.
Sakurasou Ep. 18 So far this anime has been spectacular, but how it handles the latest crisis is going to determine its memorability.
February 14 Tamako Ep. 6 I don’t understand the allure of haunted houses. They might have some surprising moments, but I’m just not scared of anything.
February 15 Vividred Operation Ep. 6 Ok. It’s official. This series just became awesome.
Psycho-Pass Ep. 17 If you had the chance to live forever, but you had to do it as a brain in a jar, would you? I think I probably would.
GJ-bu Ep. 6 By anime logic, not having any siblings should make me a candidate for having a little sister fetish…thankfully I don’t.
February 16 Zetsuen Ep. 18 Which is more frightening? A woman in love or a man out of control?
Kotoura Ep. 6 Women need to stop worrying about using their bodies to appeal to men, because those aren’t the men that will truly love them.

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