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Winter 2013 Recommendations

With the season already more than over, I feel a little late to the game with my recommendations, but there’s still plenty to go so it’s my hope that this will still be useful.  What strikes me most oddly about this season is the strength of fall 2012’s performance because with one exception, my top six are all continuing anime.  I’m not too worried though because I see spring 2013 is already showing signs of an A-grade lineup the likes of which hasn’t happened during the course of my blogging.  But enough about the future, here’s the anime I’m enjoying most for winter 2013.

Akane Tsunemori in ending 21. Psycho-Pass

I say it every time I mention this anime, but cyberpunk being the endangered species that it is, any anime in this genre should be catching people’s eyes and when it’s such a psychological thriller, nobody should be missing out on what’s still going strong in its second season.

Shiina Mashiro in the opening 22. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Comedies about awkward romances are a dime a dozen theme in anime, but where this series shines is how it masterfully balances its relationships between friends, colleagues and love to tell a story of people who are always there for each other…sometimes even when you don’t want them to.

The cast of Little Busters in opening 23. Little Busters!

Blending the gut-wrenching transforming to uplifting style of series like Kanon and Clannad and the organically unfolding storytelling method used in Angel Beats has resulted in a harmonious recipe.


Kotoura and Manabe cheer for Mori4. Kotoura-san

It could have been nothing more than a typical romantic comedy, but when the main character can read people’s minds, all kinds of problems ranging from dreadful to heartwarming and hilarious ensue.


Hakaze kicks Hanemura while Yoshino looks stunned.5. Zetsuen no Tempest

A really solid action series that also explores such daring concepts as fate vs. free will with some amazingly smart writing and masterfully orchestrated back and forth dialogue—giving it multiple dimensions of awesome. Saki is shocked


6. Shinsekai Yori

In a world so different from our own, but still inhabited by humans just like you or me, we are treated to a glimpse of our will to adapt to any circumstances all the while finding a way to maintain the spark of compassion and empathy that makes us special.

The Demon King feels remorse for what amounts to betrayal of her people.7. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

What appeared at first glance to be a rather eccentric romantic comedy quickly revealed its true colors and has given us an amazing view of the pride, prejudice, love, hate, feast, famine and politics and romance that drives the inner workings of this thing we call society.

Mao sits on Kyouya's lap so everyone can fit at the Kotatsu.8. GJ-bu

We seldom see harem anime pushed in new and unexplored directions, so you can imagine my surprise when this seemingly ordinary cast continues to pursue interesting conversations that shed light on our preconceptions about how men and women see the world.

Tamako and Dera combo9. Tamako Market

From the team that brought us K-ON!, we are once again taken through the daily lives of a group of cheerful young ladies (and thankfully some male cast members as well), which might have been enough. But they also must contend with an enigmatic, talking cockatoo determined to give everyone’s comfort zone a little push.

Honorable mentions

Mondaiji-tachiMinami-ke TadaimaVividred OperationOreShura


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