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Anime of the Week – Shinsekai Yori & Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Saki and Satoru journey to find a solution. Only rarely are we treated to a story capable of evoking such strong emotions. From such feelings of intense hatred towards utter betrayal of trust to a more contemplative sympathy for the enemy’s position would be enough to spark a debate of who truly has the moral high ground. But at the end of the day, you know you have no choice but to choose victory for your own team despite the worthy cause of the underdogs…it’s a enlighteningly awkward position to find yourself in.
Maid Ane disguised as the Crimson Scholar makes her defiant speech. Making sacrifices and becoming a martyr for your cause can certainly be a fantastic motivator to provide courage for change in the face of overwhelming odds. But it’s far more beautiful to find the words that will become the living pillar of support for the core principles that define humanity. This kind of powerful inspiration can move even the most tempered of hearts into necessary action.
February 24 Shinsekai Ep. 21 Which is a greater evil, slavery or tyranny? We have a strong bias to support the interests of our own group over others.
GJ-bu Ep. 7 With their unusual recruitment methods and carefree attitude, I can understand getting caught in the pace of the Good Job Club.
Vividred Ep. 7 The design of the Alone reminds me very much of both the angels from Evangelion and the Septentriones from Devil Survivor 2.
Little Busters Ep. 20 With only six episodes left and Kud’s arc coming up next, I don’t think there’s time for Yuiko to get her own arc.
Mondaiji Ep. 7 Maoyuu may be one of the greatest anime about social commentary, but Mondaiji has its own share of smart guild politics.
Magi Ep. 6 I misjudged the level of character growth this series would exhibit from the admittedly shallow designs of its first episode.
February 25 OreShura Ep. 8 The Burning Fighting Fighter stories are starting to make sense now that we’ve had an arbitrary glimpse at Eita’s past.
Magi Ep. 7 I wonder how much of the social commentary on the disparity between the wealthy and the poor was inspired by current events.
Magi Ep. 8 The inevitable flashback episode we needed for Alibaba has come and I’m glad the rogue hero didn’t have too bad of a childhood.
Magi Ep. 9 What’s going on here? I thought the main character was Alibaba, but Sinbad is really stealing the spotlight right now.
Magi Ep. 10 Ugo has been a big bulldozer for most of the series, but despite this rampage I’m glad he’s getting some characterization.
Magi Ep. 11 As Alibaba meets other characters appear with a better handle on their weapons, I hope there isn’t a Naruto-esque training arc.
February 26 Sakurasou Ep. 20 I think I know why I like this cast so much. Like them, I also strive to make sure I live every day to the fullest.
February 27 Minami-ke 4 Ep. 8 What in the world? A whole episode about vegetables? And people getting hypnotized into eating more vegetables? What?
February 28 Tamako Ep. 8 There’s a fine line between having fun and wasting time. That line hasn’t been crossed, but the story needs to get it in gear.
March 2 Psycho-Pass Ep. 19 With the hues around her darkening, Akane’s stability leads me to believe she may be Makishima’s benevolent counterpart.
Zetsuen Ep. 20 I could kick myself! I suspected the latest development might be a possibility, but I didn’t call my prediction beforehand.
Maoyuu Ep. 9 I never expected to hear such moving words from this anime. Curiosity, freedom and love—they are a vindication of humanity.
Kotoura Ep. 8 Manabe realizes that it’s no fun to tease people if they don’t react to your attempts to make them uncomfortable.
GJ-bu Ep. 8 Japanese people love to complain about the temperature, but coming from a cold part of America, I suffer greatly in the summers.
Mondaiji Ep. 8 As the final battle begins I worry that some of the charm of the underdogs overcoming adversity is going to be lost.
Vividred Ep. 8 Limiting the docking feature to only Akane and one other girl was a choice that I feel reduced the variety of fandom.

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4 responses to “Anime of the Week (2/24 – 3/2)

  1. medievalotaku April 9, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    So, I have to ask whether Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a good show overall. I watched episode one and wasn’t convinced to continue with it. Yet, several bloggers said that it had parallels to Spice and Wolf in its focus on economics and business intrigue, which was very enjoyable. So, would you recommend it?

    • Marlin-sama April 9, 2013 at 11:13 pm

      Absolutely I recommend it. I definitely can see how some people might compare it to Wolf and Spice with the whole economics thing, but I think it covers much broader topics than just politics. Wolf and Spice also never moved me to the brink of tears. My only difficulty with Maoyuu is whether to give it a 9/10 or a 10/10.

    • Marlin-sama April 9, 2013 at 11:25 pm

      If you can’t get into it after a few more episodes and you think you might drop it again, then at least skip ahead to episode 9, which is in my opinion the best moment in anime for the winter 2013 season.

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