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Anime of the Week – GJ-bu
Do you want a boyfriend or another girlfriend? Time and time again, women fault men for not possessing the abilities of their female friends—an aptitude for reading the hidden meanings in a social situation. Conversely, men expect women to be one of the guys—straightforward and easy to understand. But I think we can all agree that the least common denominator between men and women is that we both want to have fun.                              
March 3 Shinsekai Ep. 22 Ah the suspense is killing me. But Kiroumaru’s repeated grimaces make me suspicious. What is it he’s not letting on?
Little Busters Ep. 21 The plurality of cultural heritage in Kud’s family and their customs makes her a really interesting character.
March 4 OreShura Ep. 9 What this series lacks in substance and subtlety it at least makes up for with a good cast of voice actresses.
March 5 Sakurasou Ep. 21 I’ve always been a big advocate of never getting discouraged and to keep chasing your dreams no matter what the cost.
March 8 Psycho-Pass Ep. 20 I love this realm of ambiguous morals where I don’t know whose side to be on or who exactly is the one being played.
Zetsuen Ep. 21 I’m not sure how to feel about the needlessly complicated conclusions that are being drawn about the nature of the two trees.
March 9 Vividred Ep. 9 In a battle, there needs to be enough tension to make it seem like the enemy is a threat and the Alone lack that quality.
GJ-bu Ep. 9 It’s my opinion that women could learn about the feelings of men from this anime, but I wonder if the opposite is also true.

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One response to “Anime of the Week (3/3 – 3/9)

  1. TWWK March 12, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    I agree about Kud – I’m really starting to enjoy her character. And regarding Oreshura, even I’ve noticed the quality of the voice acting, and I’m not one to usually notice this.

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