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Card of the Day – Girls und Panzer
Hana Isuzu - Precious Memories - Girls und Panzer Hana Isuzu (01-032)

Cost: 2 Source: 2 AP: 20 DP: 30

When this card approaches or blocks, choose a 『Girls und Panzer』 card in your point pile and put it into your hand. Then put the top card of your deck into your point pile.

Types: School Uniform / Way of the Tank / Young Lady

Thoughts and comments
This is more of a toolbox card for getting that critical card that you badly need out of your point pile. However, the issue here is with the timing. Unless you can find a way to give this card (Active), having to wait to block during your opponent’s turn or approach during your next turn is a long while to reap the benefits. At 2 cost, it’s not able to block (Oblivious 2) characters and that 30 DP means if you opt for the block option it’s unlikely to survive and approaching is even more risky. You’ll be lucky to get one use out of the ability assuming you even have a card that’s worth pulling out of your point pile and because you can’t use it immediately, I don’t foresee this being very powerful.

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