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Girls und Panzer
Card of the Day - Girls und Panzer - Yukari Akiyama Yukari Akiyama (01-049)

Cost: 2 Source: 2 AP: 30 DP: 0

When this character is put into your trash from the stage, your opponent discards a card.

[Main/Both]: {0} Until end of turn, when an event card is played, draw 1 card. Then discard 1 card.

Types: School Uniform / Way of the Tank

Thoughts and comments
The second ability is simply not worth bothering with. Filtering cards through draw and discard is never as efficient as just simply drawing more cards. Using this character as a chump blocker to force your opponent to discard during his or her combat can be a nice trick to get reasonable card advantage to keep someone from making a comeback, but it’s not so useful if you’re the one who is on the defensive against someone with a big hand.
Girls und Panzer
Precious Memories - Girls und Panzer - Saori Takebe Saori Takebe (01-009)

Cost: 4 Source: 2 AP: 40 DP: 30

When this character approaches, choose two of your <Way of the Tank> characters. Those characters get +20/+20 until end of turn.

When this card approaches and deals damage to your opponent, you may return a red character from your trash to your hand.

Types: School Uniform / Way of the Tank

Thoughts and comments
This is without a doubt a strong card. If you choose this character to gain its own approach bonus, it becomes a 60/50 and that’s nothing to scoff at. And that second ability of recovering a character from your trash is definitely powerful enough to give your opponent a good incentive to chump block.
Girls und Panzer
Precious Memories - Girls und Panzer - One-Shot Attack One-Shot Attack (01-109)

Cost: 0 Source: 2

You cannot play this card unless you have a <Way of the Tank> character.

[Approach/Own]: Choose 1 of your opponent’s characters. It gets ±0/-20, until end of turn. If that character’s cost is 0 or less, you may put that character into your opponent’s trash.

Thoughts and comments
There aren’t very many 0 cost characters with AP and DP, so the second part of this event’s text usually won’t matter. The problem though, is that even though this event costs nothing, it still doesn’t do anything to protect your approaching character that’s gotten into combat with a blocker. Too situational in my opinion.

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