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Anime of the Week – The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat
Tsukiko eats a pork bun After a great opening week in which we saw the rest of the spring 2013 anime air their first episodes, week two had nothing really outstanding. So I’m choosing HenNeko because Yukari Tamura sings the opening theme and it’s so happy it makes me forget all my troubles.                              
April 15 HenNeko Ep. 1 Despite its overly forthcoming start that follows the uncomplicated title, the premise and characters have a definite charm.
OreGairu Ep. 1 After OreShura finished last season, I’m surprised to see another story about a high school romance SNAFU I can relate to.
April 16 OreImo 2 Ep. 2 I guess the lesson all of us otaku need to take away from this is not to act like the characters in our favorite series.
OreGairu Ep. 2 These people TOTALLY remind me of how I was in high school. I never tried to appease others and I always spoke my mind.
Arata Ep. 1 While it looks interesting, all I see is a lineup of boss characters for our hero Arata to finish off before the season ends.
Arata Ep. 2 There really is a missed opportunity for more focus on Arata’s culture shock instead of Hinohara’s confused and whiny demeanor.
Attack on Titan Ep. 2 Ok, now that this tragic story summary is out of the way, it’s time for Eren to start working on his revenge.
April 17 Yuyushiki Ep. 1 What a curious way of drawing people. Compare the characters’ heads to any other anime and you’ll see they have no skulls.
Red Data Girl Ep. 1 There’s just enough mystery in the setting and heroine plus disgust towards the antagonist to get me to keep watching.
April 18 Red Data Girl Ep. 2 What an underhanded catch-22. In trying to get away from Izumiko, Sagara has gotten involved in something over his head.
April 19 Crime Edge Ep. 1 At its start, this series is relying quite heavily on its weird premise, but it’s complimented by some good acting.
April 20 Railgun S Ep. 2 If there’s anything to be learned from Railgun’s first season, it’s that every petty crime is a small part of a bigger one.
Valvrave Ep. 1 The concept of some random high schooler just hopping into a mecha and having no trouble piloting it is hard to swallow.
Majestic Prince Ep. 1 Yech. Talk about a hard-to-swallow premise. A bunch of screw-ups get selected for a suicide mission and they succeed?
Maou-sama Ep. 3 They say love and hate are opposite sides of the same coin, but I hope that’s not the case with Maou and Emi.
Red Data Girl Ep. 3 Rather than actually telling a story, this series seems to be visiting all the usual set pieces associated with Shinto.

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