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Girls und Panzer
Precious Memories - Girls und Panzer - Karina Sakaguchi Karina Sakaguchi (01-063)

Cost: 1 Source: 1 AP: 0 DP: 0

(Active) (This character can approach the turn it’s played.)

When this character approaches and deals damage to your opponent, your opponent discards his/her hand.

Types: School Uniform / Way of the Tank

Thoughts and comments
What a tricky little common. I’m somewhat confident that the fact this card provides only 1 source will keep it out of many people’s decks, but if this connects with your opponent, losing their hand is a devastating blow beyond the 1 point of damage and might be game, set and match. Just another reason not to go for an all-out attack unless you’re sure you can finish the game that turn.

One response to “Card of the Day

  1. Cytrus April 22, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Karina-chan ga yareba dekiru ko da yo >_<!

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