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Madoka > Jesus – The True Sacrifice

2. The True Sacrifice

Madoka made a true sacrifice in that she actually gave something up, never to reclaim it again.  By contrast, Jesus just had a rough weekend.

This second point ties in with the first point I made about Jesus’s omnipotence.  Because Jesus always knew that he was going to be brought back to life after dying, his sacrifice wasn’t a real sacrifice.  It would be the equivalent of disciplining a child by taking away a toy for a set amount of time only to replace it with a better one once the lesson had been learned.  It’s nothing but a complete farce.

Madoka didn’t have such a loophole to escape from after she made her wish.  Her sacrifice was real and permanent.  An eternity separated from your loved ones who have forgotten you ever existed is an unbelievable sacrifice fitting of Madoka’s truer selflessness.

The next question you need to ask yourself is, “could I make such a sacrifice given the circumstances?”  If the answer is a quick and casual, “sure, no problem,” it’s probably not a sacrifice.  If you asked me if I’d be willing to be tortured and killed for the sake of every person’s salvation after death and after three days be brought back to life to sit at the right hand of god forever, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  There’s just no question that’s a sweet deal.  In fact, I’d provisionally be willing to stay dead forever for the sake of everyone’s salvation.

However, if you asked me to obliterate myself from having ever existed in order to prevent the suffering of others, I’d have to consider that long and hard because my legacy is something I value highly.  The generous side of me wants to say I’d be willing to make that kind of sacrifice, but my more self-preserving instincts protest that’s too high a price.

Why is Madoka the better savior?

Simply put, she was forced by the logic of her wish to cease her own existence, past, present and future.  This was a costly sacrifice with tangible repercussions for Madoka that (debatably) were not offset by the benefits that she attained through transcendence.  By contrast, can Jesus’s sacrifice really be called a sacrifice at all?  In order for something to be a sacrifice, you have to lose something, but all Jesus did was die and come back to life stronger than ever.  The only thing that can be argued to be lost was time, but what is three days to an eternal being?

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3 responses to “Madoka > Jesus – The True Sacrifice

  1. medievalotaku April 28, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Well, the purpose of Christ’s death upon the Cross was to redeem mankind and reunite us to God. How should we be happy if Jesus Christ’s sacrifice were eternal? That would in effect make Jesus’ sacrifice meaningless, because we should still be separated from God. Madoka’s sacrifice may be more tragically perfect, but people were made for happiness–God’s own happiness!

    And you must not have considered the mental anguish suffered by Christ, as aptly symbolized by the Sacred Heart. Could you endure people not giving you the time of day for your sacrifice? Cracking jokes about it? More willing to increase your pains than alleviate them, because they cannot give up petty vices and commit the same offenses over and over again? And finally, despite all your efforts to show how much you love them, have some people prefer suffering eternally in hell to loving you?

    The human mind cannot fathom the extreme anguish Jesus Christ suffered in His Sacred Passion.

    • Marlin-sama May 4, 2013 at 5:12 pm

      I don’t understand how a permanent sacrifice would not reconnect us with god. It sounds like god is just making up his own rules and I’ll bet if the story went the way I suggested it should have gone we could be arguing from the exact opposite position and this would still make as little sense to me.

      Yes. I absolutely could lay down my life for everyone’s salvation. As Spock said, “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.” Not only that, I would be willing to spend eternity in hell to send everyone to heaven. I know that I could endure anything if it meant everyone else could spend eternity in bliss. And when I’m more suitable to be a savior than Jesus, it’s no short stretch of the imagination that another fictional character could also outdo an ancient myth.

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