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Girls und Panzer
Precious Memories - Girls und Panzer - Mako Reizei Mako Reizei (01-076)

Cost: 1 Source: 2

When you play this card, the cost of the next <Way of the Tank> character you play this turn is -3.

[Main/Own]: {0} Choose one of your characters. Until end of turn, when that character approaches and deals damage to your opponent, draw 1 card.

Types: Way of the Tank

Thoughts and comments
Very strong, useful card. I expect to see three or four copies of this card in every Girls und Panzer deck. The tactic is to either choose one of your characters that your opponent simply can’t block, one your opponent doesn’t want to block or choosing one of your junk characters with high AP and encouraging your opponent to trade one of his or her characters rather than take a point and allow you to draw a card.

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