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Madoka > Jesus – Madoka Succeeded, Jesus Failed

4. Madoka Succeeded, Jesus Failed

Madoka saved everyone. Jesus only saved a miniscule few.

Madoka is a story about a true savior.  When she discovered the truth behind the magic girls and witches, she was facing an external force that was influencing the future of humanity in a negative way.  All the magic girls are saved by Madoka’s kindness without the need to accept her as their savior.  Her methodology for saving the magic girls was transparent and didn’t draw attention to herself for it.  It was a thankless job that she accomplished all on her own.

By contrast, Jesus was the cause of the problems humanity faced in the first place.  He was obligated to remedy his own mistakes and despite his attempt to fix things, it ended in failure.  By only appearing to a single nation in a less-literate part of the iron-age world, it took thousands of years for his message to reach the world.

This is because the methodology he chose to use was written word spread by people.  In order to enjoy the benefits of being saved, you have to first know that Jesus even existed and then ask to be saved. As if that wasn’t bad enough, those unwilling to convert were often put to the sword.  In short, Jesus failed.

Why is Madoka the better savior?

Not even half of the people in the world are Christians and of those Christians there is no clear majority among the many denominations all claiming to be the correct kind of Christianity.  I’ll be generous for the sake of argument and say that 25% of people anywhere are actually worshiping the right god.  But then among those are many who don’t practice their religion the right way, which only further skews the percentage of people who Jesus actually saves into a smaller and smaller category.  This isn’t the lottery for gosh sakes, these are people’s lives!

However, in one quiet swoop, Madoka saved all the magic girls from turning themselves against their own friends and families all by herself (ok, Homura tied the threads of fate, but ultimately it was still Madoka’s idea and decision) and without the need for word of her deeds to be disseminated to potential beneficiaries.

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3 responses to “Madoka > Jesus – Madoka Succeeded, Jesus Failed

  1. japesland April 26, 2013 at 12:51 am

    “But then among those are many who don’t practice their religion the right way, which only further skews the percentage of people who Jesus actually saves into a smaller and smaller category.”

    Again, I would recommend looking into Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Salvation is by faith, not works, so it’s difficult to define “practicing in the right way”. I recently started my own blog, which I began by outlining my personal theological beliefs, in which (and then further explained in a comment), I described that part of theology is striving for theological growth. Nobody has a completely correct view, but you don’t need to be completely correct to be saved.

    I’m really enjoying this series so far so I look forward to your last few posts. Although I entirely disagree with your statements, being forced to evaluate one’s beliefs is a very good thing, I think.

    • Marlin-sama April 26, 2013 at 7:12 am

      I come from a Roman Catholic upbringing so that’s what I know best. Just so you know, I’ve always thought the Catholic Church has a rather arrogant view of the protestants, thinking of them in terms of prodigal sons and such–lost but still part of the same family. I guess it’s mostly in an effort to continue to count them among its numbers.

      I’m glad my series is getting you to think more about your religion. That’s one of two things I would like for all religious people to do more of. The second thing I would like them to do is stop trying to legislate morality by forcing their beliefs onto everyone else by way of the state. Those are the main reasons I talk about this sort of stuff.

      I’m not looking to deconvert people because I know that generally the religious are good people (aren’t we all?). I’d be willing to live and let live with the faithful if they weren’t constantly intruding on my life through the government and education.

      • japesland April 26, 2013 at 11:03 am

        I try to do my best to find the happy medium between loving by letting people live how they wish and loving by showing them the love of Christ. I don’t know if that’s truly the best approach to take, but I would assume that the reason many “religious” people seem to intrude upon your life is that, deep down, they are worried about your existence eternally. I can’t say I agree with the politics of fundamentalist Christianity (I personally hate politics, so I can’t really give much of a solid stance on it), so I can definitely share some of the frustration.

        It just makes me happy to see people taking their faith, whether in God or in naturalism, seriously. I think that Christians and atheists can agree that it is best to actually hold strong to your belief and investigate it thoroughly, not be so wishy-washy (Revelation 3:16).

        I’d love to have some non-religious discussions with you some time about anime, if you’re ever available!

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