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Anime of the Week – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Misaka plays happy slaps with her clone. A terrific balance of comedy and philosophical quandaries juxtaposed by some sinister dealings to maximize the tension level, last week’s episode was a perfect example of why the Toaru franchise is brilliant.                              
May 5 Leviathan Ep. 5 Don’t you hate it when everyone goes fishing, you’re all using the same bait, but you’re the only one who can’t catch one?
HenNeko Ep. 4 After Yokodera got his facade back so easily, I was worried the conflicts in this story weren’t resolving dramatically enough.
Red Data Girl Ep. 4 What is going on here? There’s a lot of people with supernatural connections at this school, but who regulates it all?
Red Data Girl Ep. 5 Why is it so viscerally satisfying to see an egotistical overachiever get brought down by an unexpected turn of events?
Red Data Girl Ep. 6 If we learned anything from Totoro its when anime gets too deep into its own mythology it starts making its own rules.
Red Data Girl Ep. 7 I always find it interesting to think about the various ways we apply morality differently to animals and humans.
Yuyushiki Ep. 3 To anyone who decides to come to Japan from June to September: be prepared for hot, humid, energy-draining weather.
Muromi-san Ep. 2 I wish I’d been able to made the connection between “leviathan” and “Levia-san” without having to get it explained.
May 6 Gargantia Ep. 5 So even Gargantia has a red-light district. They said it’s good for him, but talk about throwing Ledo into the deep end.
Attack on Titan Ep. 5 Just what are these titans? The story is trying to explain them, but in doing so it may demystify them too much.
May 7 Yuyushiki Ep. 4 Unlike Yuzuko, I very much like wearing my glasses because it has the additional side-effect of making me look smart.
May 8 OreGairu Ep. 3 It’s said that discretion is the better part of valor, but sometimes the situation calls for standing up for what is right.
May 10 Crime Edge Ep. 6 Women are often accused of forcing men to be mind readers, but that doesn’t mean males can’t make their own feelings clear.
Maou-sama Ep. 6 Ugh. As episodes that connect story arcs go, this was poor. I see where they’re coming from and going to far too clearly.
May 11 Date A Live Ep. 6 What happened? Was this episode concepted by the writer’s teenage son? Even as onsen episodes go, this is darned campy.
Railgun S Ep. 5 It’s interesting to consider just how much of our personalities are determined by our upbringing and how much is DNA.
Red Data Girl Ep. 8 It seems to be human nature to resist change at every opportunity. But we need to accept that change is inevitable.

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