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Anime of the Week – Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
Chamber discusses philosophy with Ledo

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” —Socrates

As Ledo comes to the realization that he’s just been blindly following the whims of others without a single original thought, he begins to readjust himself to accept the burden of the consequences of his actions.

June 9 Attack on Titan Ep. 10 Just because your friends don’t constantly reassure you, it doesn’t mean you should think yourself a useless person.
HenNeko Ep. 9 Yokodera might be the hentai prince, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being a heroic prince when it counts.
June 10 Gargantia Ep. 10 Advancement through technology or growth through biology? Is there truly a correct path to follow into the future?
June 11 Leviathan Ep. 9 I don’t think I’ll ever understand the way Japanese people clean floors by running on their hands when they could use a mop.
Samurai Bride Ep. 9 This series has always been more style than substance, but I like how all the major adventuring classes are completed.
June 12 Date A Live Ep. 11 It’s good to have a wingman if your confidence is low, but it’s only when you fly solo that your true self can shine.
June 15 Crime Edge Ep. 10 As the series has progressed, it has really lost its almost magical sense of irony and is just aimlessly wasting time.
Yuyushiki Ep. 7 I feel fortunate to have lived in Japan long enough to understand a lot of the very Japanese jokes in this anime.
Railgun S Ep. 10 Misaka may be celebrating a small victory, but she doesn’t possess the arrogance to think that it’s all finally over.
Maou-sama Ep. 11 The dilemma facing Suzuno now is one of compassion versus dogma, which often causes internal conflicts for all faiths.
Samurai Bride Ep. 10 *sigh* It would seem we’re supposed to have some sympathy for the dark samurai, who are puppets of a greater evil.
Samurai Bride Ep. 11 Is this a harem or action series? There’s no reason it couldn’t be both, but each episode flips one way or the other.

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