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Anime of the Week – The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat
Tsukiko fantasizes about raising her ideal boyfriend

Pop culture has conditioned us to think that men are perverted and women are pure. But nothing could be farther from the truth. We are sexual organisms that find particular traits in other people attractive regardless of gender.                              

June 23 Leviathan Ep. 11 Why would blonde hair and red eyes be an indication of “powering up” for a water-user? This isn’t Dragonball Z.
HenNeko Ep. 11 Men and women are more alike than different. I like how this anime gives equal time for both genders to be perverted.
Attack on Titan Ep. 12 Too much time is being wasted talking about stuff we already know. Half of this episode could have been cut.
Yuyushiki Ep. 11 As I stare at my computer screen thinking about what I want to say about this episode, I realized this anime has no story.
June 24 Gargantia Ep. 12 A tyrannical religion of fear and statism he was merely unconfortable with, but Ledo draws the line at euthanasia.
Otoboku Ep. 7 There are no bad people or good people. There are only people with different opinions brought about by separate experiences.
June 26 Otoboku Ep. 8 At a Christian boarding school in Japan. “Lord, we thank you for this meal. Amen.” Immediately followed by “Itadakimasu.” >.<
June 29 Maou-sama Ep. 13 Yet another series with a premise that could have done something really interesting ends up meandering into mediocrity.
Railgun S Ep. 12 This second season is less episodic than the first. It’s good that it’s different, but I like Misaka side stories, too.
Eve no Jikan OVA I cannot think of another anime that more appropriately mirrors the current political climate in America this past week.

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