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Second Anniversary

Marlin-samaTwo years ago, I announced that I was starting an anime blog. Based on my previous attempts to share my thoughts with the world up until that point, I wasn’t optimistic that this would be anything more than a temporary diversion that I would abandon after a few weeks. But here I am not only still going strong, but expanding the scope of my projects to greater and greater objectives.

I set out to make my voice heard in order to counter the mainstream opinions and give anime fans a chance to think about not what they like, but why they like it (and often why I don’t).  To all my readers, I won’t say that I couldn’t have done it without you—because I most certainly could have.  But the journey wouldn’t have been nearly as fun and interesting without you.  And for that I say thank you.

I’d like to take some time now and reminisce about some of the high points over the past two years and do a “greatest hits” list of posts I enjoyed writing and/or others enjoyed reading.  So I invite you to make yourself comfortable as I take you on a journey that started back in summer 2011…gosh it feels so much longer. Has it really only been two years? 

July 2011

Usagi DropMawaru PenguindrumUsagi Drop

Right from the get-go I was already poo-pooing anime that would later go on to be praised by most other bloggers.  The first episodes of these two series left me both confused and bored and because I try to watch as much as possible, if a series doesn’t engage me from the start or leave me an impression that it’s setting things up for something big, I’m perfectly fine with letting it go early and I’ve not changed that policy.

But looking back on these first days and weeks, I realize how much more I focused on brevity back then as compared to now.  I like to think that I’ve simply found a way to be more eloquent with my words, which is why I can think of so much more to say these days.

August 2011

Madoka and AmyPuella Magi Madoka Magica

Despite how much I like to market myself as the guy who goes with his own opinions and spurns the mainstream crowd, I do find myself in agreement with the world on some very big titles.  Case in point—Madoka.  I love how I was a part of this phenomenon from the very beginning and it was a self-discovered anime (nobody recommended it to me).  Watching this franchise grow over the past two years (jeez, only two? It really does feel like it’s been so much longer) has also been a lot of fun.

September 2011

001 MadokaPrecious Memories Translations

Now I have a dedicated site for all of my card-game news, but looking back on how I used to integrate all of my content under one brand—it really goes to show how little I was thinking about what the future might hold.


November 2011

Haruaki promises to stand up from what is rightLast week’s tweets 10/30 – 11/5

Now four months into my blog, I think that I was finally starting to guess that this might be more than a little temporary diversion and more along the lines of something I could turn into a real, enduring hobby.  What has become my guaranteed weekly post, Anime of the Week started back in November 2011 and I haven’t missed a week since.  Not too shabby.

December 2011

K-ON! Movie promo posterK-ON! The Movie

I went and watched K-ON! The Movie in theaters here in Japan and I took a notebook with me into the theater and wrote notes for a plot summary I could type up for my blog.  I find this to be an interesting high point because I had started to think about Tomorrow’s Anime as more than just a review site and something I could use to bring more anime to fans who weren’t lucky enough to be living in Japan.  I have to admit that I was quite disappointed that this post didn’t really produce the explosion of interest that I was hoping for.

January 2012

Live Party in Tokyo - Daughter of EvilVocaloid – Daughter and Servant of Evil

Vocaloid continues to be one of my passions, I’ve written very little about it since this short piece of praise for two songs I found to be of particular artistic interest.  Perhaps I’ll need to remedy that lack of content on this topic in the future.

March 2012

Madoka MagicaAnime of the Year 2011

When I wrote my first anime of the year, I knew I was going to be doing this blog for a good long time to come.  And seeing my choices for my top anime of 2011 only helps me to reinforce just how different my tastes are from the average anime fan and how important I feel it is for my voice of dissent to be heard—not for the sake of offense of course—for the sake of introducing people to the wonderful series that many have overlooked.  Looking back, I’m a little disappointed in myself for waiting until March of 2012 to finally write my anime of the year post.

April 2012

The Aniblog Tourney

It didn’t happen in 2013, but back in 2012 I participated in the Aniblog Tourney and while I was eliminated in my first round, I learned a lot from the critics about ways I could improve my blog. The biggest thing I think I took away from that was breaking up my writing into shorter paragraphs for easier reading.  Thus was born the style you see today that I think is much easier on the eyes.

May 2012

Sentarou and Kaoru argue while Ritsuko watchesKids on the Slope

Here is one of the first hotly contested posts I’d ever made on Tomorrow’s Anime and one of the hallmarks of what I wanted to accomplish—a discussion on why people like something.  For the most part, I can understand that individual taste comes into play for a lot of stories and I don’t have a problem with that.

However, I think that some works have a measurable level of quality that can be determined from an objective standpoint.  I still maintain to this day that Kids on the Slope is an intrinsically bad anime that for all my observations people gravitated to for purely emotional reasons, the value of which I can’t believe was capable of overshadowing its awful writing.

July 2012

The First Anniversary

My first anniversary went off without much hoopla, but this time around I want to celebrate my accomplishments.  It’s been a lot of work, but I think I’ve finally started to market myself a little better as of late.  I still feel like I need to interact with more bloggers to get that back-and-forth dialogue that could drive the conversation I set out to find.

October 2012

Welcome to the Accelerated WorldAshita no Anime Podcast 01

What I had hoped would turn into another easy weekly post has been on hiatus for a while now.  Hopefully, I can find the time to get back to this and start hosting some real-time dialogues.  I always have a lot of fun recording these and I hope that will carry over to the listeners.  The big problem has been a lack of a regular guest who can devote the time to working with me on this project week after week. I’ll gladly accept any applications from interested anibloggers who want to work with me and make this a regular weekly post.  For anyone who enjoyed listening, please wait while I get this project back on track.

Jojo's pitiful loss to DioJojo’s Bizarre

This is another one of my scathing reviews on a garbage anime that people inexplicably love for some reason.  Nostalgia blinders can be a powerful thing when it comes to this abysmally-written, hideously ugly franchise that crawled out of anime’s dark age from before the 2000s.

January 2013

Mato pushes past the pain and won't abandon her friendsAnime of the Year 2012 (parts 1 + 2)

I think my selection for my top 13 anime of 2012 speaks for itself as to why I feel the need to continue writing the dissenting opinion. Also, I actually wrote this post within a much more reasonable timeline, so I’m much more proud of it.

Interview with Viz (Anime Sushi)

Not much has happened lately with Viz.  I’d hoped to have a stronger partnership with them, but the lack of opportunity as of late has been disappointing.

April and May 2013

Card of the DayAnother Blog has Arrived

In an effort to get myself to write content on a regular basis, I started translating Precious Memories cards as they were previewed from the game’s official site.  This has since moved to Approach Phase, but it was the original force that got me to even think about starting a second blog with separate content in the first place.

Madoka supports the magic girlsMadoka > Jesus

Possibly the greatest work I’ve ever done and definitely the most controversial.  This marked the point I decided to no longer be afraid to bring my atheism into this blog’s content and it sure felt good to write about two of my greatest passions.

Honorable Mentions

Haibane Renmei ReviewConcerning Haibanes and AtheistsElfen Lied Review

I hope you all enjoyed following me down memory lane and here’s hoping each following year will be a continued path of growth and improvement as I continue to speak for those anime others have dismissed and find the flaws overlooked by mainstream appeal.  Thank you for an awesome two years.


4 responses to “Second Anniversary

  1. japesland July 7, 2013 at 2:52 am

    Though I came in rather later, I’m glad to have been able to be a part of your reader-base. Keep up the good work and thanks for inspiring me to do my best as well!

  2. Justin July 8, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Well, we can make this simple enough: it comes down to what sells, and what doesn’t:

    Kids on The Slope: Did not sell at all despite having that guy who directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. So maybe it is a bad anime.
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Sold like hotcakes despite it being adapted from a 80’s Weekly Shonen Jump series and adapted with barely a budget. What does that mean?

    Otherwise, congrats on making it to year 2 =p

  3. TWWK July 12, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Congratulations! You still occupy an unique space in the blogosphere. Here’s to many more years!

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