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Anime of the Week – Monogatari: Second Season
Hanekawa accepts her flaws, which mark her hair with tiger stripes

As Hanekawa literally embraces her past mistakes, she proves that it’s never too late to admit you were wrong and change yourself for the better. Even if his role was small, it would seem that Koyomi’s presence really makes this series work.                              

August 5 Attack on Titan Ep. 17 It’s hard to remember during all of the downtime in this series that when it’s on the ball it’s totally awesome.
Genshiken Nidaime Ep. 5 Isn’t it better to seek new horizons than to fantasize about a past that has left you behind and can never be again?
Monogatari 2 Ep. 5 People are neither white nor black—we are all shades of gray. Something pure black or white would cease to be human.
Servant x Service Ep. 5 I agree that dating coworkers is a bad idea. If the relationship goes bad, you still have to see each other every day.
Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen Ep. 5 Suigintou is tsundere, but the overwhelming “tsun” to the tiny “dere” part of her personality makes her interesting.
KinMosa Ep. 5 Speaking from the position of being an only child, what I’ve seen of bigger families makes me glad I don’t have siblings.
Day Break Illusion Ep. 5 Madoka Magica was so much more original and heartfelt, while this series is much more predictable and cliché.
Blood Lad Ep. 5 A lot of other shounen action anime get way too full of themselves—focusing too much on drama and forgetting to have fun.
August 6 Prisma Illya Ep. 5 For as average as this series has been so far, I must say it has a terrific sense of pacing—especially in the battles.
Stella C3-bu Ep. 5 The writing in this anime is really falling apart. It has lost a lot of its intrigue and replaced it with predictability.
Gatchaman Crowds Ep. 4 Being a hero isn’t always fun. There’s a lot of pressure to live up to the great expectations others place on you.
August 7 WataMote Ep. 5 If we focus too much on the parts of ourselves we want to change, sometimes we forget we’re just fine the way we are.
August 10 Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen Ep. 6 I have a suspicion that I already know how this series goes. Adult Jun is probably the cause of everyone’s problems.
Servant x Service Ep. 6 We can do our best to make our feelings clear, but sometimes in an effort to be polite, we may be too ambiguous.
Mondaijitachi OVA I very much appreciate it when a series tells its story while it airs and saves the fanservice for the bonus material.

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