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Blood-C (review)

Final impression – Only for unabashed CLAMP fans (4/10)

Summer 2011

In a remote village, Saya Kisaragi is the shrine maiden entrusted with slaying the Elder Ones—fearsome monsters that feast on the townspeople.  But when she has free time, she goes to high school, talks with her friends and enjoys coffee at a local café.  As she continues her mission to protect the town, small details start to converge together that just don’t add up.  Where do the Elder Ones come from?  To whom did Saya promise to guard the village?  And the greatest question, who was Saya’s mother?  She had better figure out the answers to these questions before it’s too late and everyone gets eaten.

First impressions can’t always be trusted and that is never truer than in Blood-C.  Talk about betraying your legacy.  Blood the Last Vampire and Blood+ had a likeable cast of characters, excellent pacing and terrific endings.  Even the live-action Blood the Last Vampire compares favorably to Blood-C and that’s pitiful.  The only reason I completed watching it is because I enjoy CLAMP’s artwork, making it the only possible redeeming feature.  I don’t know what Blood-C’s upcoming movie will do with this setup that the anime gave us.  However, 95% of the anime was an utterly pointless jaunt on the way to its eventual cliff-hanger ending.  The whole anime could have easily just not existed and twenty minutes added to the beginning of the movie to accomplish the same effect.


Blood-C Ep 1

Saya is ready to fightInitial impression – good

Blood+ and Blood – The Last Vampire give Blood-C a strong legacy of action anime to live up to.  And unless you can’t stand the Clamp art style, the first episode delivers.  With some really fresh interpretations of Saya, the demon-slaying vampire who fights to protect her adoptive human family, I’m really looking forward to seeing where Clamp takes this well-tred, but tried and true, action / drama.

Unless you can’t look past Clamp’s eccentric art style, there’s no reason not to give Blood-C a chance to live up as a reboot of the series’ past successes.