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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (review)

Final impression – short-lived, repetitive fun (6/10)

Autumn 2011 (12 episodes) (alternate title – Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai) (title literal translation – I Don’t Have Many Friends)

Kodaka was never very good at making friends and being half-Japanese with dirty blonde hair didn’t help his popularity at school.  Yozora was always a tomboy and couldn’t get along with the other girls.  When she forces Kodaka to go along with a new club she’s made for the explicit purpose of making new friends, their circle grows in ways they didn’t anticipate.  It turns out Sena, the most popular girl in school, wants to seek real friendship instead of the empty admiration of her posse.  Then things get ridiculous when Yukimura joins in order to work on developing his masculinity.  Then the easily excitable Rika enters the scene to be with a group where she can let loose her passionate personality.  As this varied group of social rejects stumbles their way through discovering the norms of youth, their clashes of personality set off fireworks of camaraderie.

When I first started watching this anime I had high hopes this was going to be a satirical story about how socially awkward people have a hard time making friends.  What I got was a harem anime with an underlying subplot about the reunion of two childhood friends.  There’s nothing immediately wrong with that and I don’t feel mislead.  But I think a better plot catch would have been to appeal to a fan base that can relate to other people who typically have difficulty making friends.  And on that note I am a bit disappointed a chance for a more meaningful story was passed up.  This is especially poignant when several entire episodes of this short series are devoted to the characters just playing video games together in their clubroom.  Overall, it’s dispersed with some very memorable moments that give a smile and a chuckle, but all the rest just melts into background noise.  The pacing is quite poor and never gets a chance to wow the viewer.


Anime of the Week 12/4 – 12/10

Anime of the Week – Guilty Crown
I’m glad to see Shu finally taking some initiative instead of being lead around by the nose by Gai. Unfortunately, he’s in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation that’s certain to give him nightmares no matter which decision he makes.
December 5 Fate/Zero Ep. 10 I have a sneaky feeling that Rin was given her own episode for no other reason than she’s a popular character…
December 6 Mirai Nikki Ep. 9 Amano needs to stop being so accommodating. He’s in a survival game and already had a hand in several people’s deaths.
December 7 Working 2 Ep. 10 I’m not sure how to characterize Inami. It’s like she’s bipolar. One minute she’s violent and the next she’s lovestruck.
December 8 C3 Ep. 10 The concept of turning two curses against each other to create a complimentary balance appeals to my more poetic sensibilities.
Infinite Stratos OVA Really what was I expecting? The series wasn’t fond of closure, so why should the OVA be any different?
December 9 Squid Girl 2 Ep. 6 Mini Ika Musume always puts a big, stupid smile on my face. This series does a good job telling stories silently.
Guilty Crown Ep. 9 The ability to see true thoughts would be cool, but sad if your loved ones weren’t really who you thought they were.
Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 10 A lackluster episode. I’ve seen much better versions of the private beach house theme in countless other anime.
Persona 4 Ep. 10 I’m curious about the large amount of time that was skipped at the end of the episode. Is it time for more side stories?

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Last Week’s Tweets 11/27 – 12/3

Anime of the Week – C3 Cube x Cursed x Curious
C3 is definitely this season’s most underappreciated anime. I expected to watch a lot of good anime this season and I found myself disappointed with several series I had high hopes for. Cube is a surprise hit and it seems to be going largely unnoticed, which is really sad.
November 27 Shana III Ep. 8 Current events feel like the run down to the final battle. But with 16 episodes left, it’s far from over. What’s going on?
Fate/Zero Ep. 9 While this episode was important for character building, there was absolutely no plot development to forward the story.
Guilty Crown Ep. 7 Why is Shu back at school? This makes no sense. Didn’t the GHQ learn last episode that he’s a member of Funeral Parlor?
Working 2 Ep. 9 Sato’s life must be frustrating. Yachio’s life is too narrow. Takanashi is easily influenced. Yamada is a two-faced fraud.
C3 Ep. 8 Even when this anime has ecchi moments, it’s still brilliant and well composed. Yukari Tamura is in her element as Fear Kubrick.
Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 8 That was a very different spin on the obligatory swimsuit episode. It’s nice to see a break from stereotypes.
Last Exile 2 Ep. 3 I guess the plot is progressing…? I see the character’s motivations, but their methods are haphazard at best.
Last Exile 2 Ep. 4 It’s all just too random. I can’t follow the plot without reading someone else’s summary. Fam is such a scatterbrain.
November 28 Persona 4 Ep. 8 The comedic twists continue to please, even if they aren’t very surprising for people who have played the game.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 8 Is this anime one big parable about how nice guys finish last? Amano needs to be more careful to avoid these situations.
November 29 iDOLM@STER Ep. 15 It seems that the key to improving daytime Japanese TV is to substitute all of the regular hosts for anime characters.
C3 Ep. 9 This was the setup episode for what is this series’ final arc. Not all the new villian’s motives are clear, but it’s still fun.
Ben-to Ep. 3 For being an anime about fighting over boxed meals at supermarkets, the metaphors are surprisingly deep and significant.
November 30 Ben-to Ep. 4 This anime’s ecchi colors were shining brightly this episode. Fortunately, it didn’t detract from the usual high-tempo pace.
December 1 Ben-to Ep. 5 Superficially, the plot of this anime could fit into many settings. The fact that this war involves box lunches makes it fun.
Mashiro-iro Ep. 3 Most of this episode was the ordinary fare of tsundere-ness, but the twist at the end put a huge smile on my face.
December 2 Ben-to Ep. 6 For an episode that was supposed to be about an epic rivalry and a grand battle, there was very little tension or energy.
Guilty Crown Ep. 8 And… the obligatory swimsuit episode. At least it didn’t take too much time. Sadly, this episode was a dead end.
Ben-to Ep. 7 Two swimsuit episodes in a row, but across different anime. The ridiculousness of this show compliments its ecchi and hilarity.
Persona 4 Ep. 9 I’d known Rie Kugimiya was the voice of Rise when the P4 game was released in Japan, but it’s cool to hear her for real.
December 3 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 9 Kodaka is one of the coolest and most composed male characters in a harem-esque anime I have seen in a long time.
K-On! (Movie) Set somewhere between the final episodes of the second season, it watches as if it was a missing segment from the TV series.

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Last Week’s Tweets 11/13 – 11/19

Anime of the Week – Working!! 2
It’s nice to slow down and appreciate the little things that make life worth living. The silly relationships between the characters of Working!! 2 make this anime a joy to watch.
November 14 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 4 Despite this episode being nothing but a long string of moe stereotypes, I was smiling the whole time.
Working 2 Ep. 4 Ah, the confusion and misunderstandings. The whole episode is a tribute to the adage, “assuming makes an ass of you and me.”
Working 2 Ep. 5 There’s two ways to react when you see other people loafing around. You can either reprimand them or join them.
Fate/Zero Ep. 6 Some more story building. An interesting episode that makes me wonder… Just who is the most ruthless character?
Fate/Zero Ep. 7 My favorite servant’s existence is on the line. I was hoping for a longer run. Then the ending is a cruel cliffhanger.
Shana III Ep. 6 Some shoddy history building leading up to what I presume is going to be some good action in episode 7. I can’t wait.
Guilty Crown Ep. 5 I like the music and art style of this anime, but the more I watch, I’m less convinced the story is going anywhere.
November 15 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 5 I wonder how many more times in this short series we’re going to see everyone get together and play video games.
Working 2 Ep. 6 Some people are really bad at reading the atmosphere in social situations. I can sympathize with Takanashi’s troubles.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 6 Using a future diary to endear yourself to your future mother-in-law must be every lovestruck/stalker girl’s dream.
Persona 4 Ep. 3 I’m seeing some small side tracks from the story as it was told in the video game, so I’m getting more optimistic.
November 16 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 6 The rivalry of Yozora and Sena is weird but also indescribably fun. Sadly, the rest of the plot feels transparent.
Persona 4 Ep. 4 The action and the drama are much better composed as the series continues. I wonder if this pace can continue…
Persona 4 Ep. 5 I was wondering how the game’s side-story arcana characters were going to fit into the series. It’s feeling rushed again.
Working 2 Ep. 7 I’m not sure what to take away from this weird episode besides the fact that Yamada’s older brother is Sakai Yuji.
November 18 Persona 4 Ep. 6 With only six episodes left, there’s no way this series is going to end without feeling badly crunched. Sequel? OVA? Movie?
Guilty Crown Ep. 6 This anime is very pretty, but the plot is getting murkier with each episode and character motives are just inconsistent.
C3 Ep. 7 The way this anime cleverly flits from ecchi to elegant and humorous to serious is simply wonderful. Such clever composition.
Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 7 Has this anime’s formula already run out? It’s still interesting and funny, but it’s now lacking freshness.

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Last Week’s Tweets 11/6 – 11/12

Anime of the Week – Mirai Nikki
Just what is Yuno’s goal? We know she’s crazy, but is she really and truly dangerous? Either way, she’s not going far from Yukiteru’s side because her future diary is pointless if she’s not close by.
November 6 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 2 I love the horrible nicknames Sena and Yozora come up with for each other. This anime is ridiculously fun.
November 7 Shana III Ep. 5 The start of this series was quite slow with all the flashbacks, but things are definitely heating up now.
C3 Ep. 5 This anime matches cute and dark; bright and profound very elegantly. It’s a little scattered, but that just makes it more fun.
November 8 Mirai Nikki Ep. 2 Already Amano is getting into the thick of things, but I’m worried this kind of fast story will get too complicated fast.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 3 One moment it’s clichés galore and then it all goes disturbingly twisted. I like it, but is it actually a good thing?
November 9 Mirai Nikki Ep. 4 Yukiteru tries to escape from Yuno’s frightful personality. But getting too far away may be even more dangerous.
Mirai Nikki Ep. 5 If future diary owners keep dying at this rate, Yukiteru is going to win by episode 13. And this is a 26 episode series.
Working 2 Ep. 3 This anime does a great job highlighting the intricacies of relationships and how little actions can have big effects.
November 10 C3 Ep. 6 Given past experience with anime of this nature, I was expecting there to be a fan service episode by now. I’m happy I was wrong.
November 12 Boku wa Tomodachi Ep. 3 How many men would really presume that because a pretty girl doesn’t have a guy by her side that she’s single?

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