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Toaru Majutsu no Index II (last thoughts)

Final impression – as good as the first season 7/10

Fall 2010 – (Alternate titles – A Certain Magical Index II)

Touma Kamijou claims to be the unluckiest man in the universe.  But his mysterious right hand has the power to nullify all manner of supernatural conditions.  In Academy City, this ability comes in handy because students develop skills as espers, each with a unique quality they are trained to use.  But the religious institutions of the world see the city as a blasphemous affront to god.  Many organizations seek the downfall of the city using divine magic.  But Touma’s circumstance has afforded him a designation of neutrality in the conflict.  He is charged with protecting Index, a young nun who holds a vast library of religious and magical knowledge.  But Mikoto Misaka, his abusive, tsundere love interest, keeps him tied strongly to the science of the espers, because she’s one of the strongest in the whole of Academy City.  Between two extremes of world views, Touma gets pulled by both sides as a mediator to keep the peace.

Picking up right where season one left off with absolutely no recap, Index II really sets itself up from the start as an anime that’s not going to be able to stand up well unless you’ve watched the first season.  Index II follows the formula of the first series, developing its plot through many short arcs.  While there’s nothing really wrong with this formula in theory, Index just can’t seem to execute it without creating some annoying gaps in sequence.  Despite this shortcoming, the characters are all delightfully colorful and motivated.  The underlying conflict of “religion vs science,” that sits in the background of Index II is a grandiose shadow of how it has been played in the real world, which is a fun satire of a serious social conflict many people pay little attention to.