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Dog Days 2 Ep. 1

Initial impression – more of the same with more characters

Summer 2012 (12 episodes) (more info)

Dog Days 2 takes place a few months after season one’s ending.  Now Shinku has returned presumably for the purpose of just having fun playing the tournament-like war games that shape the culture of Flonyard—as opposed to being Biscotti’s last-ditch trump card hero to bring them back from the brink.  He’s also brought two friends along, childhood friend Rebecca and his kind-hearted cousin and fellow rival athlete, Nanami who is quickly adopted by Galette as their own hero.

As in the first season, this is a series that is pretty mediocre all around.  The end of season one wrapped things up so nicely, so I’m dubious that this sequel is necessary. Bringing along Shiku’s friends and adding them to the mix feels lacking imagination and I can almost feel the desperation to find something for everyone to do. Early signs are this series is going to be a mirror image of season one with additional characters added to the mix.  It even continues the unnecessary little habit of having the female characters’ clothes fly off in the middle of battle for no other reason than facepalmingly pitiful fanservice (you don’t even get to see anything approaching risqué).  Really the only reason I’m watching this series is to listen to the skilled voice acting and singing of Yui Horie.

Whether some big crisis is going to befall the land like it did in season one remains to be seen at this early stage, but I wouldn’t put it past this anime to once again centralize on the theme of rivals/enemies putting aside their differences for the sake of saving the day—probably something that’s a bit too standard, childish and cliché for most people’s tastes.

As an annoying afterthought, Working!! 2 started this pattern, but I think it’s worth saying again that adding an ‘ at the end your anime’s title is a terrible way of denoting that it’s a sequel.  Has just using a 2 or the roman numeral II simply gone out of fashion?  What happens if you decide to do a third season?  Is the title going to have ‘’ ?

Dog Days (last thoughts)

Final impression – unsophisticated but fun 6/10

Spring 2011

Shinku is a junior high school student that specializes in unconventional sports like free running, gymnastics and obscure martial arts.  He’s always looking for the next challenge and when the kingdom of Biscotti is in need of a hero, they open a portal that brings him into an alternate dimension.  In Flonyard, instead of true wars with the risk of life and death, they do mock battles that test endurance, agility and fortitude – the perfect forum for Shinku to show off his skills.  But rival nation Galette is pushing for more battles and this leads Princess Millhiore of Biscotti to think that there may be something more at stake to these competitions than simple patriotism.

Dog Days watches like a cross between Zero no Tsukaima and a sports anime, as written by a furry.  But take that with a grain of salt because the anthropomorphic characters in the world of Biscotti and Galette aren’t played up as being very different from normal people (with a few comical exceptions).  In the end, Dog Days is typically going to be overlooked by the general anime audience because of the character designs being dog and cat people, but I think that would be very shallow thinking.  I’m not suggesting Dog Days is some kind of sleeping masterpiece, but there’s a subtle charm to the development of the plot.  You can also feel the conflict in Shinku’s heart when it comes time for him to go home and leave the world that has become his natural second home.  Yui Horie was probably typecast for the role of Princess Millhiore because of the songs that accompany Dog Days, and her talent really shines in what is otherwise a pretty average anime.