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The World God only Knows II (last thoughts)

Final impression – too similar to season one 6/10

Spring 2011 (Alternate titles – Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II)

Keima the dating sim master, continues his mission to free troubled girls from possession by demonic spirits.  The only way to accomplish this is to heal their hearts, which will drive the devils out.  At this point, his demon-catching partner, Elsie will capture the wayward spirit in an oversized bottle to ensure it doesn’t cause any more harm.  However, things get tense when Elsie’s colleague, Haqua arrives and she becomes jealous of Elsie’s accomplishments.  An evil spirit possesses Haqua and Keima might be out of his league to handle the situation without some serious backup.

The whole premise of illustrating the differences and similarities between real girls and dating game girls is still a satisfying trope, but it’s not something I want to continually see different variations over and over.  With only about a three month break between the previous season of The World God only Knows and this second season, it’s hardly surprising that the second season feels rushed out and contrived.  Little has changed and season two feels like a simple continuation of season one.  While I definitely enjoyed the first season, the second season continues with more of the same and there is still no real conclusion (if you’re interested in this anime’s concept, I strongly suggest checking out season one first, before watching season two).