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Eureka Seven AO Ep. 1

Initial impression – more refreshing than expected

Spring 2012 to summer 2012 (24 episodes) (full title – Eureka Seven Astral Ocean) (more info)

All too often these days I’m seeing sequels to series that don’t really need a follow up story to make them feel complete.  Eureka 7 was an epic that I feel did everything it needed to and ended without any indication that a sequel was necessary.  But despite this small reservation, I’m optimistic about Eureka AO because it’s different enough from its parent series that I can see very clearly that it’s not attempting to fill the very big shoes of its predecessor.  And while it does make a great many references to Eureka 7, it is already using its first episode as an opportunity to step out of the shadow of past successes and do its own thing.  How much it’s actually related to the original only time will tell, but I’m already seeing a lot of inconsistencies with the main story that indicate to me that this will be more of a spin-off like the Pocket Full of Rainbows movie than a true, continuous sequel to the original plot.  This makes me happy because that’s the sort of direction I’d prefer Bones to take the rich material they have to work with.  On that note, the best part that surprised me is how much Eureka AO still manages to feel like Eureka 7.  It’s successfully capturing the tone, style and pacing that made its parent series awesome, but is making every effort to seek its own identify and prove that it is capable of standing on its own.  That alone is a remarkable quality for a sequel to possess and my optimism on this series is much higher after watching the first episode than it was before.

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Ep. 1

Initial impression – more good stuff

Autumn 2011 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Invade!? Squid Girl) (Alternate title – Squid Girl 2) (more info)

Squid Girl 2 is shaping up to be just more of Squid Girl 1, which would normally be the way to start off a negative review.  However, if you’ll take a look at my review of the first season, it was one of my favorite anime from last year.  Additionally, Squid Girl follows a formula of about three unique story arcs every episode and each has some nicely creative jokes, conflicts all followed by a nice resolution.  It’s a very tidy way of composing a series of events in the life of a cute, non-moe character that doesn’t really need much development—especially when the anime’s premise can be summed up as, “An anthropomorphic squid has come from the sea to invade the land, but she keeps getting distracted by humorous asides.”  Is there really any reason to complicate such a fun and quirky setting with a long story?  If your characters aren’t going to grow very much beyond their purpose-built roles, then this is the way to present it.  That being said, the stories each need to continue to be original and interesting to keep the show fresh.  But if season 1 is anything to go on, I’m confident we’re all in for another fun squid-vasion.