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Inu x Boku SS Ep. 1

Initial impression – a dynamic duo of attitude and gallantry

Winter 2012 (12 episodes) (title literal translation – Fox x Me Secret Service) (more info)

The heroine of Inu x Boku SS is a rotten little bourgeois girl who succeeds at keeping everyone at a distance through a carefully constructed concoction of insults and icy glares.  She desires independence from her cloistered family environment and is allowed to move into a fabulous apartment on the condition that she’s accompanied at all times by a private secret service.  But what kind of man would her parents hire as a bodyguard who could handle her abusive nature? Well, he’d have to be devoid of pride, a master at twisting negative emotions and possessing abundant kindness and loyalty.  And that is the masterfully crafted relationship between Riricho and her bodyguard Soushi.  She degrades him; he spins her words into kindness.  She avoids him; he’s there for her when she least expects it and already I can see his gentle demeanor beginning to soften Riricho’s armor-like superiority complex.  But given her social status and her family’s wealth, she couldn’t just be living in any old swanky apartment, nor would you expect Soushi to be your average bodyguard. A surprising twist of fate links their pasts in a way that just might transform both of them in a brilliant dance of opposing personalities.