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Yuru Yuri 2 Ep. 1

Initial impression – moe of the same

Summer 2012 (12 episodes) (more info)

What makes a moe anime good for me is when it parodies the mundaneness of life in familiar ways that are funny, cute and/or insightful.  Yuru Yuri doesn’t do that.  It’s just a bit too imaginative with its themes and doesn’t mesh with reality very much.  While that’s not really a true complaint per se, it detracts from the viewers’ ability to relate to it.  I don’t know that a second season of Yuru Yuri was really necessary in the grand scheme of things.  None of the characters really grow up in any way and tend to stick to what they know best and unfortunately what they know best is being just above average.

The biggest difference I can see between season one and two of Yuru Yuri is a massive growth in arrogance regarding its own worth.  I suppose you could write that off as an attempt to be satirical, but I just don’t get how it’s any funnier than if it had just gone and explored things the way it always had done without this unnecessary shift in tone.  Other moe anime like Squid Girl have a steady confidence that doesn’t mess around with anything that already works.  The series’ episodic nature ought to keep things accessible to newcomers, but established fans of the first season probably won’t be wowed by the sameness of Yuru Yuri 2.

So despite the fact that it’s really neither good nor bad, what it all comes down to is that Yuru Yuri is a comedy series that really isn’t all that funny.  Its moments of brilliance are less frequent than those of Acchi Kocchi and shine less brightly than A-Channel.  If you’re hungry for moe, you can do much worse, but I’m currently withholding my seal of approval.